Today (6th of August, 2021), 1 USD is equivalent to (20,500) Lebanese Pounds. In February 2020, 1 USD was 1.500 Lebanese Pounds. By the time this past sentence is read, the value of the Lebanese pound will have declined. The ecopolitical climate has been ever evolving and unstable because of the corruption of the oligarchic ruling class.

In 2019, the 17th October Revolution emerged to fight a perpetual and declining state of political and economic crisis. The pandemic was a catalyst for the whole world to come to a halt. For Lebanon, the pandemic was a setback in a sea of difficulties.

Indeed, the 4th of August, the Beirut Blast, was a symptom of the complexity and failure of the Lebanese government’s corruption. As the crisis deepens and morphs, new challenges arise daily. Countless lives, businesses and public spaces have been lost. Lebanon is constantly on the brink, on the edge, at the scarp.

Therefore, the title of this exhibition is inspired by this feeling and originates from the arabic proverb “ وصلنا على الهاويه”, which translates into The Scarp Is Where We're At.

This exhibition functions as a window into the artists’ personal intimate experience living in their country and not as an overview of the declining eco-political situation in Lebanon. Through “Neon Lit Skies” by Ayeesha Starkey and “Forbidden Dream” by Danielle Andrea Krikorian, the artists explore their complex relationship with home and their understanding of art as an agent of expression.

Through fear, love, hate, loss and artistic exploration, The Scarp Is Where We're At | وصلنا على الهاويه  is an ode to memory, and hope.